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August 03, 2017 by kelly leary


Happy August to all of our many couples, clients, and friends. The end of summer marks "back to school month" and it resurrects what we "didn't do" over the summer that we wanted to do. Did you find summer love? Halloween, Thanksgiving, & the BIG holidays are coming filled with dinner parties and events through the end of 2017! Hope and help is right in front of you, so allow me to simplify this process "from single to taken" today. Time to get inspired and become part of a pair (again). Follow these simple steps and stay ahead of it! People that join in the Summer are twice as likely to find their match by the holidays (fact).

Last month, my team and I literally witnessed "Christmas in July" with a huge increase in new members compared to any other summer in history. This proves that summers in Florida are just as busy as ever! Our "summer camp for single adults" has been a huge success and is still in full bloom. With that, one of the common questions asked is: "How does your club work?"  Answer: It is easier than you think. Do read on...

Step 1: Admit you are READY to find love and/or companionship. Love is ageless. Our club helps men and women from their twenties well into their happy eighties.

Step 2: Identify WHY you want to fall in love and/or find companionship. Some people just want to have someone to go out to dinner with, while others want to get married and have children. Others realize life is passing them by and they know they need to do something before it's too late. Whatever your "why" is--recognize it, own it, and act on it. He who hesitates is lost.

Step 3: Make the Call! What's holding you back? Nerves? Fear? Are you a skeptic? Whatever your issue is--let it go--we've got you covered. No one ever progressed in life being fearful. Stick to the plan. Don't deviate from these steps. (Oh yes, and of course, all inquiries are confidential. Your photos don't have to be in the newspaper like the ones you see weekly in our column and parties are optional).

Step 4: Meet THE Florida Matchmakers with your scheduled appointment. Go through the enlightening screening process that I developed over my 26 years in the business, and if we like you and you like us--simply join the club! We call this "Phase One--The Enrollment Phase" which occurs in person.

Step 5: Return for your photo shoot and biography writing session, also referred to as "Phase Two--Ready. Set. Go."  Then, let the fun and the matchmaking begin shortly after! Report back to us after each date or event and let us know who you liked! We play "wing girl" for you in essence. Everything can be done over the phone, in person, or through email/mail after your RD bio is complete. It's your preference. How ideal!

Step 6: Trust your matchmakers. We are THE experts. Let us take the lead and shed light on things that may be holding you back romantically. Other times, we are just working to get closer to the right match by building a good rapport with you. Engage us and we will get you engaged. 

Step 7: Collaborate with us! Call/text/email and share your feedback with the team. Some have success on the first date and some on the tenth date--but no date will be a debacle (like online dating) because we know everyone and have validated them! Your risk is low and your time will be well spent. We will be tracking your success and be by your side every step of the way...like a trusted friend.

Step 8: Know thyself and be accountable. If you are only after "10s" in the club and you are a "6" be prepared for some let downs. Ask us what you can do to get that guy or girl. We will tell you honestly and advise you. Remember we are "cupids" and not "unicorns"...we have magic and love in us but we can't do the job alone. We love working with our clients and as a result they love us back!

Step 9: You found love! Welcome to "Phase Three--You are an RD Couple!"...it is time to put your membership on hold. Why? Because you followed these steps. It's science. We knew you would too! That's why we signed you up.

Step 10: Share and tell all of your friends about the love you have found and how you found it. This will bring more love into your life. Pass it on, in other words. Whether you are single, divorced or widowed, we can help. Thank you to our many clients who have been talking about us up out there and spreading the word! The more the merrier.

Congratulations on completing the process. I can't wait to hear your story! The love in us honors the love in you today and everyday. Hope to see you at our Lobster (Love-Fest) Clam Bake at the end of the month! There is time to nail that summer love goal! Make your appointment now before my schedule fills up!

XOXO, Kelly

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