Love American Style!

May 27, 2018 by kelly leary



Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Love American Style!

Modern love in 2018 has become a huge challenge for most Florida singles to say the least!  Today we have online dating, Facebook, smart phones, iPads, and excessive texting...where is the life in it all?  Frankly ANYONE can look good online or sound chivalrous in a text. If they really don't look good or know how to put their words together in reality...certainly they can swap a photo or come up with a good line from someone who does (Catfish anyone?). REGARDLESS, it's still a good idea to keep the door open to love as we all know.  The only way to handle love today is to simply leave your comfort zone quickly and change the faces you are meeting. “Where there is a will there is a way."  Learn how to revolutionize your summer without the internet and get real, and find real love off-line!  Real people and real love can be yours this summer.  Time to claim your internet independence!

Modern love and dating is filled with conflicting customs and changing morals. Our parents didn't come close to any of the hurdles we have now...yet many of our parents are single, divorced and/or widowed.  How do you think they are coping? We are truly raising the first generation that has this level of technology since birth. Are social networks and cyber space dehumanizing us? The answer is YES--and my priest agrees. Put your phone down!

Perhaps the young people (under 25ish) have it all figured out?  NOT!  They are in danger too.  Just look at the news.  We all are in danger, emotionally and physically so here are TWO concepts to have and to hold as you date to find your mate this summer! It is important to know when to go out and meet people and when to stay in. Television and magazines have really placed high expectations on how we should look. I follow fashion and love it.  Not all people when someone comes into my office with a more "down to earth" look, certainly I don't want to change them.  We may give them a few fashion tips or recommend our fave hair stylist/colorist/plastic surgeon (lol)...but overall we want that person to be comfortable with who they are AND how they look. If someone truly likes their look they should not change it--just because modern society wants them to do so. If someone wants a "makeover" then by all means, we can help them.

We do give guidance in our club...but we follow the "Be Yourself" mantra.  Also, TRUST yourself.  This is much more serious.  If you are feeling strange about a particular male or female you are chatting with (say through the Internet) and something does not feel right, END it before it goes any further.  #SayNoToOnlineDating

Be Yourself and Trust Yourself

Be leery of someone who falls for you too fast. If your gut is not feeling right, follow your instincts and end it. Best to seek out safer venues of meeting your mate...go through a trusted friend or professional who is plugged into The Singles Scene (LIKE ME). Don't go it alone out there in the ocean of singles--there are too many sharks in the sea. Embrace help from people "in the know".  It's just smarter. Two heads are better than one.  Isn't that why you are reading this column today? #GetConnected #DateSmart #GetOutOfTheSharkTank

Be Positive. Negativity is OUT.

The reason why we date is because we are not wired to be alone. It is HUMAN to want togetherness and companionship in a romantic partner.  Dating is the only way to find that partner in love and life, so go into it with a positive attitude and enjoy dating. Try to make it enjoyable for the person you are dating as well. Just get connected already!

Have compassion for others and they will have compassion for you. Smile as you meet someone new and they will smile back at you. I had a handsome and successful 54 year old male client enroll the other day who stated he began to get sick of checking his emails during his bout with online dating (this is why he joined our club).  He said:  "I was actually spending two hours a day reading emails from (ostensibly) beautiful women... only to find out the contrary." Now, this handsome gentleman can chat with me as I show him photos of actual beautiful women that we KNOW are beautiful inside and out since we have screened them in person. It makes it a lot easier to be positive when you are part of The Revolution...and it saves you time and money.

It may be too late to find romance this weekend, but call us today to up your odds for love by the 4th of July. Your fireworks are waiting for you!

XoXo, Kelly 

#HappyMemorialDayWeekend #TellYourFriends  #FindLoveByThe4th #GodBlessAmerica #JoinUs

Kelly Leary, Founder and President of Revolution Dating has a master’s degree in psychology and 27 successful years in the dating industry.  A top matchmaker, now known as THE Florida Matchmaker, she has been profiled by ABC News, The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, The South Florida Business Journal, and numerous other media outlets.




























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