T.G.I.F.-Raise Your Odds for Summer Love!

June 15, 2018 by kelly leary


T.G.I.F. Edition

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Raise Your Odds for Summer Love

"If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance."~~Bern Williams                                                                                    

Do you want to have the BEST summer ever?  I can show you how, but first let's do a little self-analysis.  Do you sometimes feel like your love life is either non-existent or like you are swimming in a pool of sharks?  Do you think these feelings get better or worse over time?  Whether you are in a bad relationship or no relationship at all, the longer you let it go on, the worse you feel. Compare it to a medical issue. Ignore it and it will get worse. Make a doctor appointment--face the facts --and likely your fear isn't half as bad as the reality.  Take your medicine, get your diagnosis and the prognosis is good!  Ignore the doctor and your situation will decline.  Let more time go by and you will be paralyzed by fear and worst case scenarios about your health.

Compare this to your love life. Isn't it all much the same? (Not to mention...LOVE is good for your health!)  The longer someone stays in a bad relationship or no relationship, the harder it will be, the bigger the fears, and the prognosis will deteriorate. At some point there comes a time where you must face the facts head-on, grab the bull by the horns and go after what is right in this world for YOU.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Go jump in the water.  The sharks won't get you unless you seek them out in the muddy waters of online dating (for example).  Raise your standards and go for a swim in clear blue waters!  After all it's Summer!

Here are FIVE reasons to propel you out of your comfort zone:

  1. You are getting older and there is nothing you can do about it!
  2. Isolation can happen in and out of a relationship and it is not good for your health.
  3. This is a couple’s world. Period.
  4. You DESERVE happiness too, and happiness varies directly to connectedness.
  5. There are no guarantees in life or dating. So do it anyways.

My hope is that if you find yourself filled with worrisome thoughts about dating again, that you can take comfort in knowing that you, or I, or they "really don't know" what is to come either when they start dating again. Do you get it?  Everyone feels the SAME way about dating.  No one likes it.  That's where we come in...to make it easier for you and to take the guessing games and the search off the table.  If you don't try to get out there again, despite the sharks in the waters, you will always be alone.  That is just no fun--especially at the kick off of The Summer of Love 2018!

REV it up this summer.  Get smart.  Date smart.  Join us for our 5th Annual Summer Camp for Adult Singles and/or for one-on-one setups.  Your odds of meeting quality people this summer will be magnified many times over. Remember, we can't help you unless you help yourself. Listen to your doctor.  Listen to your matchmaker (THE Florida Matchmaker in this case).

Call today to reserve your private interviewand we can talk more about how we can make this a summer to remember--together!  Looking forward to hearing from you! By demand we called in a full staff for tomorrow. Don't be shy, we are as nice as apple pie!

XOXO, Kelly

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Kelly Leary, Founder and President of Revolution Dating has a master’s degree in psychology and 27 successful years in the dating industry.  A top matchmaker, now known as THE Florida Matchmaker, she has been profiled by ABC News, The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, The South Florida Business Journal, and numerous other media outlets.



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