The Black Sunday of Love is Today!

January 06, 2019 by Shea Donahue

Think of today as the "Black Friday" in the dating industry. Dating goals are now overriding weight loss goals in 2019! 

The motivation for these early pre-Valentines Day special dating days comes from spending holidays single combined with the new beginnings of our new year!
Most people over 30 opt for the Revolution Dating Technique. This club saves the busy professional time, money, headache and heartache. Naturally, clients of Revolution Dating are more sincere and well screened. Photos are taken in the office by a professional staff and all Identification is checked.
Celebrate this New Year by upgrading your odds of finding the right one with help from the pros —there will be special added incentives and perks to get started in the coming week! Celebrate with us! Happy First Date Friday in advance!  
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