USA Today Reports the Most Popular New Year's Resolution of 2018...and it's not Weight Loss! Read on...

January 02, 2018 by admin


Welcome to 2018! The Revolution Dating team is back from the holidays and ready for REAL love in the New Year! USA Today highlighted huge news that is sure to make you rethink your goals for the coming year! "Being a better person is the most popular New Year's resolution of 2018" beating weightloss or any other resolution. This revelation ties directly to LOVE! Are you dateable? Are you nice? Would you date you? Take a moment to check in with yourself and see if you are a "good person" or not.  This reflective process is going to help you kick off your 2018 revolution of love. Please read on and THINK about the changes you want to make to become a better person this year. Are you Revolutionary? Click the link and find out! 

If you are-- jumpstart your love life and call us TODAY! We are ready to meet you! 

Our schedule is filling up quickly and our phones are ringing off the hook, so do reserve your place in the club today. After all, we are all at our BEST when we are in a happy, healthy relationship, right? So what are you "good people" (I know you are good people because you're reading this) waiting for? 

 The New Year is here and this is the time to get SERIOUS about your love life! 

Call. Meet. Love.

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Read full article below:

Are you a good person? Morality experts say this is how to find out.

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